Internet Links

Summary: This website is a virtual link to many areas of the world that students would never be able to visit on a normal field trip. It uses Quick Time player to give you a walk-around view of many things in Egypt. It makes you feel like you are actually there. There is valuable information and many visuals for students and adults to learn from.
Source: It is a NOVA Online Adventure Page partnered with the PBS channel.
Application: Students could research Egypt from this site. They could learn a lot of valuable information about Egypt. It would help them learn about pyramids and sphinxes. It would give the valuable knowledge to include in their writing of a travel brochure on Egypt. They could become tour guides for the class and take them on a virtual tour. This is a very valuable site.

Summary: This site is official U.S. Department of State site on Egypt. It gives valuable information on Egypt such as the official name, people, geography, government, economy, and a lot of people and history. Students will learn a lot of information about the current Egypt and how it came to be.
Source: This site is from the U.S. Department of State: Diplomacy in Action page.
Application: This site will give students valuable research information. They could do an art project and recreate Egypt's flag. They could gain important information for their writing projects. They could learn about Egypt's government and compare it to ours. There is a lot of valuable information that students can learn from on this site