Literature Ties
Egypt (A Step Inside- Magic 3-Deimensiaonal Ancient World Book)


By Ronne RandallIllustraed by Brian PamlarPaper Engineering by Richard Jewitt
Designed and Produced by Bender Richardson White and Richard Jewitt
Published by Sterling Publishing Co, Inc. in 2007 in New York, NY.
Summary: In this book, you are able to step inside the ancient world of Egypt. You'll meet Seneb and discover the secrets of his world. It will draw you in, and you will want to look at the fascinating three dimensional pictures again and again.Application: This is a great book to give students a look inside an Ancient Egyptian boy's life. They could compare it to their own life. In this unit I would use this book to start a writing prompt. We would read this book together. Then we would make a t-chart comparing the character's life with my students' lives. They could then take that chart and write a compare and contrast essay. It would give students a look at how life would be different if they were in Ancient Egypt.

Africa (Grades 2-5)

By Barbara Gillespie- WashingtonIllustrated by Cheri Macoubrie Wilson, Wendy Change, andMary E. ConnorsEdited by Mary WallyPublished by Mary D. Smith, MS. Ed. and Teacher Created Resources,Inc. in 1999 in Westminster, Ca.
Summary: This book is a great reference guide for students and a great unit idea book for teachers. It includes information on the entire African continent. It talks about the different regions of the continent, maps and internet resources, climate and vegetation, wildlife, people, homes and lifestyles, languages and literature, art, games and toys, music, and book and country report ideas. It is a great guide on the continent of Africa.
Application: This book is a great tool to have in any class that is learning about Egypt. Students can use it as a reference guide when studying about Egypt. In this unit when students are doing their brochure on Egypt, they can use it to fill in maps of Egypt and any other infomation they find important. Teachers can use it to introduce many aspects of Egypt. This is a great reference book for either student or teacher.