File Folder Games:All of the file folder games are based on Ancient Egyptian Facts. The students have the opportunity to participate in these group activities during free time to review and reinforce 6th grade content standards for Math, Science and Social studies.

Dot to Dot:

Egyptian Dot to Dot - General

Dot to Dot Intertior

Dot to Dot Directions:

For 2+ players (each with a different colored marker)
To start: Each player picks a different colore marker.
Youngest player goes first, then clockwise to continue.
1st player picks top card, answers the question. If correct connects to 2 immediate dots (ones right next to each other) vertically ( ) or horizontally ( ) but NOT diagonally ( ). If incorrect, then player’s turn is over.
2nd player does the same, continuing with each additional player.When a player completes one square, they mark it with their initials.
Winner is the one who ends up with the most completed boxes.

Egyptian Math Bingo:

Egyptian Math Bingo - Content

Math Bingo Interior

Egyptian Math Bingo Directions:

  • Students can play the game with a partner or in small groups with up to five players.
  • The first player rolls the three dice. He or she uses the numbers rolled to create a mathematical problem that employs at least two operations (addition and subtraction, addition and multiplication, or subtraction and multiplication). For example, if the player rolls a 2, a 5, and a 6, she or he could use those numbers to create a mathematical equation such as 2 x 5 + 6 = 16 or 5 x 6 - 2 = 28. In those cases, the student would write the mathematical equation and the answer, then put an X on the answer (16 or 28)
  • The first player passes the dice to the next player in the group; play moves in a clockwise direction.
  • Play resumes. The next player in the circle rolls the dice.
  • The players continue this process until one player gets bingo with either a horizontal, vertical or diagnal line.

Egyptian Snake Game:

Ancient Egyptian Snake Game - Content

Snake Game - Interior

Egyptian Snake Game Directions:
Mehen, the snake game, was played in ancient Egypt even before 3000BC. The
idea of the game is to move your six counters around the snake towards its
head and get them back safely to the tail before your opponent’s lion eats
You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Die
  • A coloured pencil
1. Cut out the snake playing board and all of the counters. On the back of
each counter use a coloured pencil and copy the same symbol as on the
other side.
2. Each player should have 6 counters (of the same symbol) plus their ‘lion’
3. You need to throw a ‘1’ to start each counter off.
4. You must start each of your counters on the board before moving any of the
5. A throw of ‘1’ ends your go and allows your opponent to take their turn.
6. Once you have reached the snakes head with 1 of your counters you should
turn it over to start the return journey back to the tail.
7. When you have made it back to the tail with 1 of your counters you can
start your lion counter.
8. Move your lion counter around the snake towards the head like the other
counters, but on the way back your lion can eat up any of your opponents
counters that get in its way.
The winner of the game is the person whose lion has eaten the largest number
of counters!